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Learning Music


We enjoy Music with Ms Mara.  Trying new instruments and learning new songs.

Spanish Class


We attend Spanish class with Ms Gina.

Increase our Creativity


Ms Susan and Ms Cathy help us to increase our creative play by "taking" us camping and letting us make s'mores around the campfire! 

Learning in different ways


We learn and practice our skills using different media types, which allows us to not only learn but experience new things and learn while playing "outside the box".

Creative Play


Hands on learning provides many new skills.

We love Art!


We love to do art and our teachers know that we love experience different ways to express our selves.  We learn about different artists and we even create our own masterpeices, sometimes by imitating their techniques.

Scavenger Hunt


We learn about the things God created by hunting for items in nature.

What Can We Building and How?



We explore building many things and with various types of materials, fostering our creativity.

Learning Different Skills


We learn and practice many different skills during our day.

Gross Motor Skills



We enjoy some recess time, both on our playground or in our gym, where we help develop our gross motor skills with a variety of play activity.

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip


We "take" a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch in the Fall (but it really comes to us). 

Safety Drills!


We practice safety drills, so that we are prepared and know what to do if it should ever really happen.

Learning more skills


We practice our skills using a variety of ways.  Here, we are cutting with scissors and writing to increase our fine motor skills, and practicing our Math skills using different activities.



We do different Science experiments to learn about how our world reacts.

We love our Parent/Grandparent Volunteers


We love it when our parents, grandparents and family friends come into our classrooms to read to us, or to teach us about their jobs.  We learn that there are great stories to be read (fostering our love for reading and learning) and that we can grow up to become whatever we want. 

Farm Day Field Trip


We enjoy Field Trips and the best part is that come to us.  This is Farm Day fun.

Fire Safety


We get visits from our local Fire Dept so that we can learn about Fire Safety and what to do to protect ourselves. 

And sometimes, even our teachers get in on the fun!

Music Class

Ms Heidi and Ms Abby's Three year olds having fun in Music Class.


NLSW 2017-2018

We had some Super Hero's come to visit us for National Lutherans School Week 2017-2018!null

Transportation Week

September 22, 2106  Ms Danielle & Ms Karen T-Th class celebrated Transportation week by doing a family project. Some of their children & their families made different transportation models to share with their classmates.

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Writing Letters

September 20, 2016  Writing letters to Officer Buckle and Gloria in the 4's afternoon classes with Ms. Kristy.

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Family Chapel Day 2

September 15, 2016 Family Chapel Day #2! Such fun to have Mommies, Daddies, grandparents and friends joining us for Family Chapel! Please join us on Sundays at 8:30 or 11:00 for more Faith lessons and songs.

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Building Letters

September 14, 2016 Having great fun "building" our letters in Ms. Heidi and Ms. Abby's class


Family Chapel Day

September 14, 2016, Our first Family Chapel Day was so much fun! So happy to see so many parents and grandparents who came out to model their Faith and share this experience with their children

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Christian Education Sunday

On Sunday, August 28, 2016, we celebrated the Installation of our Preschool Teachers and the Dedication of  the New Preschool Wing.  Thanks to all who came to celebrate this joyous event

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New Preschool Wing

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Ms. Brigette and Ms. Jennifer's class had fun practicing their fine motor marker skills on the white boards as we drew monsters in the extended day program yesterday afternoon. Love their creativity!

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2015 Christmas Program

How sweet do our Transitional Kindergarten children look in their Christmas story costumes? Such a great class. You did a fantastic job spreading the Christmas lesson at our Christmas program!

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TN Lottery Educator of the Week

Chris Wilczynski of Faith Lutheran Preschool has been named a Tennessee Lottery Educator of the Week

CONGRATS, MS CHRIS...Click above for article.