Threes Teachers


Felichia Eaton - M-F Threes Lead Teacher - Room 7

I have been teaching at FLP since 2018 working with the toddlers and three's classes.  I love both ages! I am a certified Child Development Associate in both ages.  I especially love teaching the children science activities.  I live in Cordova and have three wonderful children. I love spending time with my kids, watching true crime documentaries, and listening to music.

Brooklyn Cavaness - M-F Threes - Assistant Teacher - Room 7

This is my second year teaching at FLP working with 2's and 3's. I am working towards my degree in Psychology at the University of Memphis and am interested in working with neuro divergent children. In my spare time I enjoy beading and jewelry making. 

Sherry Tucker - M-F Threes Aftercare - Room 7

I have been an educator since 1998.  I have a Masters of Arts In Teaching and was a teacher in Kentucky for 21 years.  I also have a theater degree from the University of Memphis and spent many happy years teaching dance and drama classes to young children. I live in Piperton with my sweet fur baby and enjoy taking her for walks, singing praises at my Church and being with my family. FLP is my extended family and I am glad God has placed me here.


Tracie Street - M-F Threes Aftercare - Room 7

This is my first teaching job working with the three year-old students in aftercare at FLP. I have worked with children in various capacities for 35 years. I attended school in Arizona before I met and married my husband.  We have two children and live in Bartlett. I love to try out new restaurants, to read and to spend time with my family. 

Rowan Worley - M-F Threes Lead Teacher - Room 4

I am from Mississippi where my family lives on a working farm with lots of animals.  I have my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I have worked as an educator and Sunday school teacher since 2013.  I love children! I love to bring in items from the farm (such as baby chicks or cow bones) to teach my class about how we use science on the farm.

Julie Harbin - M-F Threes Assistant Teacher - Room 4

I have been a Lutheran educator for almost 20 years, mostly working with three year-olds.  My husband is the Pastor at FLC and we have three children.  I have a culinary degree from England.  I love to cook, to hike and to travel when I am not at school.

Sue Toland - M-F Threes Aftercare - Rm 4

I have been an educator since 2007.  I currently am a 4 year old teacher at another local preschool and also work at FLP with the threes classes in the afternoons.  My husband and I live in Memphis and love to travel to see our two grown children. I love teaching this age group because I am very motivated to see the growth that occurs with each of my students.


Tessa Loaring MWF Threes Lead Teacher - Room 3

My family and I moved from Florida to Collierville in 2018. We have three children and love spending time as a family.  I have my BS in Education and worked in Florida with children in crisis before moving to the area.  I love teaching threes at FLP. 

Karen Booth - MWF Threes Assistant teacher - Room 3

I am Ms. Karen.  I have a BS degree and have taught preschool age children off an on over the past 15 years.  My husband Brent and I have four children and three cats. When I am nt at school, I enjoy spending time with my family, cuddling my cats, reading, journaling, going for walks and doing anything creative.

Susan Babin - TTH Threes Lead Teacher Room 3

I am Ms. Susan and I love to teach little ones. I have a Master's of Arts in Teaching and have taught most of my adult life. My husband Phillip and I have three children and two grandchildren who attended FLP. I love to travel with my family and keep up our old Victorian home.

Debbie Hughen - TTH Threes Assistant Teacher - Room 3

I am Ms. Debbie. I live in Collierville and have one daughter and three grandchildren. I have worked at FLP off an on since it opened back in 1992. I love to bargain hunt, to give "La Tea Dah" tea parties for the children in the community and to spend time with family and friends.

Rachel Lytle - MWF/TTH - Threes Lead Teacher - Room 6

I'm Ms. Rachel and I have either taught school or been a private nanny for 22 years. I have an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education and am working towards my bachelor's degree. My husband Michael and i have two children. I enjoy reading, taking walks with my family and teaching!

Alison Johnson - TTH - Threes Assistant Teacher - Room 6

I am Ms. Alison and my husband Dale and I have three children and live in Rossville. I have a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology. It is my second year teaching at FLP but Ms. Rachel and I were also Co-teachers at a school in Indiana before we both moved here. When I am not at school, I love to walk around my neighborhood with friends and family and I love to read.

Kimberly McNutt - MWF - Threes Assistant Teacher - Room 6

This is my third year teaching at FLP with the three year-olds. Its such a sweet age! I have a Religious Studies degree and have worked with childre in Church and preschool settings for as long as I can remember. My husband and I have six children and live in Collierville. I spend my time volunteering on three PTA boards at three Collierville schools, in my home church's Sunday school and VBS core team roles, and running my children to their activities. I also love a good tv show and taking a break to play Emoji Blitz on my phone. 

Marianne Hooper - M-F Morning Care Teacher - Room 6

I am Ms. Marianne. I am a Church member at FLC and have worked teaching children for 29 years and have worked at FLP since 2013.  I have two grown children and a Grandson.  When I am not at school I love to try travel, read, garden, to make jewelry and to do anything crafty.