September 20, 2020

A Word from PASTOR CLAYTON…”Dying to Live…”

Sitting in jail unsure of what the outcome would be Paul wrote a letter of encouragement to a congregation that was near and dear to his heart. A congregation that had been generous to him and was fighting the good fight to remain faithful in a world that did not understand their faith in the resurrected Jesus Christ.  One of the opening notes Paul hits in the start of Philippians is a profound understanding of the life of a follower of Jesus – “to live is Christ, to die is gain.”  Paul, by faith, can see the benefit to the Church of his continued ministry and he can see the rest and glory that will come when he dies and awaits the last day with Christ.  This dual view of Paul is what allows him to speak words of encouragement that stand through the ages.  Only by dying to self and living in Christ can Paul speak of joy and offer encouragement to those who are in a less dire situation than himself. The situation in this life is always uncertain, recent days (months really) have reminded us just how uncertain things in this life really are.  In that way we are in a shared position with St. Paul.  We simply have no way of knowing what is going to happen tomorrow.  However, we are not paralyzed by the uncertainty because we have the certainty of faith in Jesus who has overcome the world.  By faith we are sure of the life of the world to come and we die to self and live in Christ.  To live is Christ and to die is gain and so we die to live a life of humility, perseverance, prayer and thanksgiving.  Over the next few Sundays we will focus on each of these during the Sunday Sermon as we are “Dying to Live…”  Through such a death leading to life we can offer words of the Gospel and encouragement to a world that so desperately needs words of joy and peace. 




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March 30, 2020

Dear People of Faith, 

In the absence of the weekly “Happenings” and in stead of our once a month newsletter we are introducing a weekly message to try to stay connected in these physically disconnected times.  We are calling it “Faith Connect”.  Each week you will receive this missive containing a devotion along with the most important announcement and significant dates and events in people lives.

If you would like to share prayer concerns or important events in your family’s life email or call  the church office.  Pictures are encouraged.

Faith Connect will be emailed and posted on our website each week.  Please share constructive ideas to make it better.

Until that time when we can gather back together  remember are always connected through faith in Christ and His love for us.  Please join us for live-streaming worship on Wednesday and Sunday.

In His Vineyard,

Pastor Rob