Freq. Asked Questions


Where is the school located?

Faith Lutheran Preschool is located on the corner of Market Street and N. Byhlia Road in Collierville, Tennessee. The address is 507 N. Byhalia Rd, Collierville, TN 38017.

What is your email address?

Our email is


What is your phone/fax number?

Our main phone number is (901) 853-0050 and our fax number is (901) 853-9998.

When is your Preschool in session?

We are open from 7:30am to 5:45pm, Monday through Friday, offering both a traditional Preschool from 9:30am to 2:30pm or an extended day preschool from 7:30am to 5:45pm and following the Collierville Schools holiday schedule.  We also have summer camps to provide services throughout the summer months.

When is the Preschool closed for breaks and holidays?

The Preschool follows the Collierville Schools schedule and will have fall break, Christmas break, and spring break.  Additionally the following days will also be observed as school holidays:

Labor Day                      Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving break     (Wed-Friday of Thanksgiving week)
Martin Luther King          President's Day
Good Friday                   Memorial Day
4th of July                      Lutheran Conference Week (3rd week in July)
Teacher In-Service or District Learning Days
CSS 1/2 Day scheduled Days

What ages do you accept?

12 months (must be walking) to 5 years.  Toddlers must turn one by August 1st.  Twos through Transitional Kindergarten must have their birthday by August 15st.   Children must turn five by August 15th to enroll in State Kindergarten programs.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

All children going into a 3 year-old classroom or above must be fully potty trained as no changing stations are available in these rooms.  This included being able to manage their own clothing and wiping themselves. Pull-ups are not allowed to be worn in these rooms. To be in compliance with the DHS health and safety standards, should your child start the year and not be fully trained, you will be asked to withdraw from the program.

How many days a week may my child attend?

Children may attend on Tuesdays/Thursdays (2 Days), Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays (3 Days), or Monday-Friday (5 Days) from either 9:30am to 2:30pm for the traditional Preschool program or from 7:30am to 5:45pm for the extended Preschool program.

What are your teacher/child ratios?

1:4 Toddlers (8 children and 2 teachers)
1:5  Twos Maximum 9 in a classroom with 2 teachers
1:7 Threes Maximum 14 in a classroom with 2 teachers
1:7 Pre-K Fours Maximum 14 in a classroom with 2 teachers
1:8 Jr-K Fives Maximum 16 in a classroom with 2 teachers

What additional classes do you offer?

  • Music – Two and up
  • Chapel – Two and up
  • Spanish – Three and up
  • Tech Tots, Tennis Tots, Soccer Ole, Jumping Beans and Creative Builders are options in our extended preschool program to provide additional learning experiences.  Additional fees apply and are handled directly by each company. 

What does your program cost?

A onetime, non-refundable registration fee of $120 is due for registration for all ones and twos. Newly enrolling threes, fours and fives will pay a fee of $150  These fees include workbook, technology and weekly reader fees.  All students must purchase a Happi Nappi rest mat cover ($30 at the school) and a Faith tote bag for $20 from the school.  Program fees are located on the registration page of this site. 

What are your Professional Accomplishments?

Faith Lutheran is licensed by the State of Tennessee with a Three Star Rating. This is the highest rating given by the State. We have met all state requirements to achieve this status, and provide high quality care for your child.

3-Star Quality Award from the Department of Health with a 6.33/7 on our last evaluation in spring 2016, one of the highest ratings in Collierville. 

In August 2013, we received our National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) and making us one of 95 freestanding preschool programs in the country with this hight accreditation certification and one of the largest freestanding Lutheran Preschool in the United States.

What Curriculums do you use?

Faith Lutheran Preschool students use the most current developmentally appropriate preschool curriculums including Sonlight Science, Handwriting Without Tears, Frog Street Press, IXL Math, the One in Christ Bible curriculum, Sonrisas Spanish curriculum, and The Garden of Praise art curriculum. Lessons are planned around thematic units that employ hands-on Science and Math, incorporating Social Studies, S.T.E.M. methods, and integrating emergent literacy to meet the Tennessee Early Learning and National Common Core Standards.